About Us:


My name is Richard and I have just started Pickled Tink Preserves after spending over 20 years as a professional chef. I have worked in a variety of establishments ranging from a large 3 star hotel, a pub/bistro, an AA rosette hotel/retaurant and even stints in a British pub in Rhodes and a floating restaurant in Sydney, Australia.


My wife of 5 years is Michelle, and we have a 2 year old daughter Sophie, as well as a newborn baby boy Harrison. Since having the children, I have realised that a chef's hours are not best for spending quality time with my family and so various ideas have been thrown around as to what I could do instead.


For Christmas last year, we decided to use my skills and love of food to produce home made gifts and after a little thought settled on jams and chutneys. These went down so well with friends and family that we started to look at making this our business in the hope that it would free up some time as well as providing an income. As those of you who have started your own business will know however, it has done neither! We both spend lots of time working through the technicalities of the food industry, such as HACCP issues, food hygiene rules and regulations, labelling and paperwork not to mention creating this website, designing leaflets, building a business plan and the actual making of the product (not the best thing to be cooking when you pregnant wife suffers from morning sickness!).


So finally, after months of preparation, research and taste trials (the fun part usually for our long suffering family and friends), we have put this website together to give our customers more information on who we are and what we do. It is still in the initial stages of development so please bear with us but we hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do!

About Us: